Pan Rising Show held at the Royal Antiguan Hotel 29 March 2003
Photos of the Show
Roots Steel Band,showed why they were nominated for the Sunshine Awards in 1997 & 1998
the performance was super.
Young panist Imran Lewis played the National Anthem at The Pan Rising Show
Cable & Wireless Hells Gate Steel Orc
set the pace for the show,with some real sweet sound.
second band on stage
first performance on stage
Imran playing the Anthem
King Swallow & Roots Steel Band,had a hurricane like performace which blowed away the Royal Antiguan Ball Room.Swallow performed like he was 16 years old.hahaha.
Lacu Samuel with his first full 45 minutes set on any show in Antigua,showed why he is the #1 pan soloist in Antigua.What a performance.
Tyrone Mason & Roots Steel Band came together & gave a high class performance.
Liam & Lacu came together for one song Mr.Magic & this performance had people saying,that one song alone was worth the cost of the show.   
With the night getting late the crowed wated,not a person move until  Liam Teague came on stage & when he was finish the people still didnt want to leave.great show by Liam Teague.