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Pan Rising Show
The Pan Rising Show is back, Roots Steel Band and Lekuro Records are presenting the show,which will be held at the Grand Royal Antiguan Hotel Crystal Palace Ball Room, the Pan Risning Show this year will salute, Lacu Samuel for 30 years and Roots Steel Band for 10 years in the steel band business, the last Pan Rising Show was help at the same venue in March 2003. see the line up for this years Pan Rising Show.
03 Sept 2006
Happy 30th Anniversary to Antigua's #1 panist
Happy 10th Anniversary
05 Sept 2006
Michael ( Dumba ) Smith, one of the founding members of the AMP Halcyon Steel Orchestra out of the village of Grays Farm were laid to rest on Tuesday 05 Sept 2006.
Dumba as we knew him, made a great contribution to the steel band art form in Antigua & Barbuda, not withstanding he played with the AMP Halcyon Steel Orchestra, as one of the better bass players on the island we are sure every one admired him for the way he played the bass pan, he was one of the smoother players any one would have seen on the bass pan.
17 Oct 2005
If you were told you miss the show of your life, you mite say its not so or you mite say is true, well just watch how the Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda get down with Antigua's soca queen Claudette Peters, and you will know some thing good went on at Pan Rising Show 2006 which was held at the Grand Royal Antiguan Hotel Crystal Palace Ball Room on Sunday the 15th  October 2006. It was a night iam sure every one who attended the show will long remember, all the artiste were on top of their game and the night only got better & better ( see the line up ).

But not withstanding how good the night was, a number of persons were missing and is time for pan men to give support to each other, its not only the Pan Rising Show but a number of other steel pan functions you can count on your hands how many pan player or members of other bands who turn out for these functions
The show was An Anniversary Thing, as Aubrey Lacu Samuel and the Roots Steel Band celebrated their 30th and 10th anniversary together most pan players and members of other bands didnt turn out, but it was a night where every thing was rite, and the people who turned out  and celebreted with Lacu and Roots must be very happy they did, some won door prizes, one person even won $300.00 ( he was paid to attend the show man ) big up to Lacu Samuel and Root Steel Band it was a good night. You can see more Pan Rising Photos at
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Antigua's Independance Schools Pan-o-rama
As the finishing touches to the stage was going on , the school bands were doing the finals touch up to the songs for the night of Antigua's School Pan-o-rama, The ARG was the venue for what i beleive would have been a good night, as i walk the gournds i felt some thing good was going to happen, a nice little crowd was on hand, some sitting in the WIOC or in cricket terms the chickie possy stand watting to see the pan-o-rama, how ever the rain which begon since the afternoon continued into the night and the pan-o-rama was put off until Wednesday 25th October 2006 at 4 oclock, the new venue is High Street.
Pan in Antigua looking good
Kuma Rodney