hi iam Biggs Cochrane
hi iam Ice House Peters
Hi iam Kuma Rodney
Hi am Lacu Samuel
Hi am Kambui Charles
Hi am Olric Charles
Hi am Jace Price
Lacu Samuel
Jace Price
Olric Charles
Biggs Cochrane
Kambui Charles
Kuma Rodney
Ice House Peters
Roots Steel Band
see Roots at Antigua's Carnival Queen show 2003
Antigua & Barbuda
Shabazz Prince
Lyndon Cupidore
Foster Ralph
Jace,Olric,Kambui,Biggs and Lacu all have moved on for different reasons,they all have made a contribution to the life of the Roots Steel band,we wish them well.Jace and Olric is now living in the USA.