Roots Steel Band
Leon ( Kuma ) Rodney Leon ( Kuma ) Rodney, got started in the steel band business some time in 1973,when his good friend Carlton ( Donkey Box ) Galloway took him to the Ebonites Steel Orchestra Band House ( Ebonites is located in lower Ottos St,John's in Antigua).
Kuma played with the Orchestra for some two and a half years before moving on with some friends to play with another Orchestra (
The Harmonites Steel Orchestra ) some time in 1975.He played with Harmonites for twenty ( 20 ) years,during which, he held many position with the Orchestra,he was Treasurer,Vice Captain and Captain and has assisted the Orchestra to many achievements,Kuma was the recording engineer and graphics designer on two albums for the Harmonites, ( Drums in Mood & Xmas on
steel albums ),he also traveled extensively with the Orchestra,Kuma remembers some of the outstanding tours to be, the half time performance of the 1979 Super Bowl held in the Orange Bowl in Miami,Carifesta 1981 in Barbados, The World Expo 1986 in Vancouver BC,The World Expo 1993 in Korea and he was tour Manager for a 1994 music festival in Brazil, where Harmonites played on the same stage with the big band out of Brazil Olodum.That was Kuma's last tour with Harmonites and in 1995 he resigned from the Orchestra after giving 20 years service.
In January 1996,Kuma got together with Aubrey ( Lacu ) Samuel and other friends to formed The
Roots Steel Band,under his leadership the Band has many achievements,for those achievement you may ( click about Roots Steel Band ) Kuma  is the Producer for all of the Roots Steel Band albums and has a small record label call LEKURO Records.He continues to lead the Band with tremendous success, and is also willing to assist any band in Antigua & Barbuda who feels his assistants could be of any help to them.

Leon ( Kuma ) Rodney was born on the 28 October
he believe's that life have some thing for every one who works hard.
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