Roots Steel Band
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Roderick ( Biggs ) Cochrane
Roderick ( Biggs ) Cochrane, started playing the steel pan in 1979,with the Halcyon Steel Orchestra,he played with Halcyon for just about two years before he moved on to play with the Gemonites Steel Orchestra,Biggs played with Gemonites from 1981 until some time in 1986,with Gemonites, Biggs travel and perform at The 1982  Knoxville World's Fair,which was held in Knoxville Tennessee .
After 1986 Biggs took a break from the steel pan for a while until some time in 1989 he restarted playing again with the Ebonites Steel Orchestra,he played with Ebonites for About three years and then took another break from the steel pan again.
And then in 1996 Biggs returned to the steel pan business and started playing with Roots Steel Band  and he remain with Roots upto this day,please see Roots Bio ( click about roots steel band )   to see some of the place Biggs have travel with Roots or the achievement Biggs have with the Roots Steel Band.

Roderick ( Biggs ) Cochrane was born on the 21th February
he believe's every one should just live's for the moment.