The Roots Steel Band was formed in January 1996,by Leon ( Kuma ) Rodney.
Their performances began in the many hotels on their home island of Antigua & Barbuda.
By June the band was performing at most of the major concerts and shows being held.These included Sweet Cry Freedom and Calypso Spectacular,two of the biggest annual shows ever to hit Antigua.By July/August the band was appearing on major Carnival shows,establishing the band real fast.Calls were coming from most of the hotels and promoters on the island.
In December,one of their calls was very special - they performed on a yacht for actor
Denzil Washington.In late December 1996 early January 1997 they released their first album entitled The First Time,and the success started.Roots became established,performing from street corners to great concerts and the biggest shows.
RootsSteel Band
For the best in steel band music
We perform for,Weddings,Partys,Concerts,Shows,Festivals or whatever your steel pan needs are.
In October the band was the first and only steel band in the Eastern Caribbean to be nominated for a music Award ( The Sunshine Music Award ) which is held in New York. their music played on every radio station in Antigua and the wider Leeward Islands.  In November,they were asked by the Cultural Department to represent Antigua & Barbuda at a music festival in mexico.
In January 1998 they were once again representing Antigua & Barbuda at a music festival,this time it was in
Guadelupe.The success of their nomination brought them booking to perform for a very long time,in hotels,concerts and shows,whilst the band continued to perform at the major Carnival shows.By September 1998 they had realeased their second album,entitled The Second Time Around ( Relax and Listen ).
In October 1998,they received another Sunshine Award Nomination.They were now the only steel band to be nominated twice for that award.By this time the band had gotten hotter and their popularity had rockted to alarming heights.No matter what the function,Roots Steel Band were performing,Weddings,Churches you name it.The band contiuned to perform for major concerts and shows,and in July/August 1999 they were on their way to Switzerland,where they performed for five weeks during a steel band festival.After their returned Roots Steel Band continued to perform in hotels,and for Carnival 2000 July/August they performed on the steel band concert,with guest artist Robert Greenidge and also played backing band for the swimwear segement of the Jaycees Caribbean Queen Show.
Antigua & Barbuda
Good things continue to happen for the Roots Steel Band,they continue to perform at the major Hotels and concerts on their home land of Antigua & Barbuda,in March of 2001 they released their third album entitled Jah Guide, The Jah Guide album is a full gospel production, and a must have for your album collection.With three Albums to their Credit, Roots have now become the number one Recoreded Steel Band in Antigua & Barbuda ,in January 2002 they were booked by Kiwi Fly Promotions to perform on the Beres Hammond Show,Roots perform second band in the nights line up and just before the Grammy award nominee Beres Hammond came on stage,they did a reggae tribute,and because steel pan are not known to be performing on show like these, when they started their performance that night,some persons were asking them off the stage, but that was't for to long, as Roots perform one of Beres Hammond song ( Rock Away ) the very large crowd was rocking, by the  end of their set the people was asking for more,which they did one more before their came to the final end. ( click to see Roots performance dates & venues )
see Roots at Antigua's Carnival Queen show 2003
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The success of The Roots steel Band continues,as they continue to have a good time performing for any function you can think of,2003 was a good performing year for Roots, the high lights for them was The Roots Steel Band show PAN RISING ( see photos ) & the Antigua's  Carnival Queen Show ( see photos ), As 2004 came around Roots continues to perform at the various hotels and restaurants on Antigua & Barbuda once again they had some high lights in 2004, Roots performed at the Barbados pan festival later in the year Roots relleased their forth album entitled Reggae Calypso
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